Are you a business traveller who is tired of the impersonal and often overpriced options offered by traditional hotels? If so, you might want to consider joining The Accommodation Club, a new service that utilizes the power of Airbnb to provide comfortable and affordable accommodations for business travellers. 
One of the main benefits of The Accommodation Club is the personalized experience it offers. Instead of staying in a generic hotel room, members have the opportunity to stay in a home or apartment that feels more like a home away from home. This can be especially appealing for long-term business trips, as it allows travellers to have their own space and feel more connected to their temporary location. 
In addition to the personal touch, The Accommodation Club also offers cost savings for both individuals and companies. Airbnb rentals are often significantly less expensive than traditional hotel rooms, especially in major cities where hotel prices can be exorbitant. By choosing Airbnb accommodations through The Accommodation Club, businesses can save money on travel expenses while still providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their employees. 
One concern that some businesses may have about using Airbnb for business travel is the lack of standardization and reliability. The Accommodation Club addresses this issue by carefully vetting all of the properties available through the service. Each property is inspected to ensure that it meets the necessary standards for comfort and safety. In addition, The Accommodation Club offers a concierge service to assist members with any issues or questions that may arise during their stay. 
Another advantage of The Accommodation Club is the flexibility it offers. Members have access to a wide range of properties in destinations around the world, so they can choose the location that best suits their needs. This is especially useful for businesses with employees who travel frequently to different locations. 
In addition to the benefits for business travellers, The Accommodation Club also offers opportunities for property owners. By listing their properties on the service, homeowners can earn extra income while their homes are not being used. This is a win-win situation, as it allows businesses to save money on accommodations while also supporting local economies. 
Overall, The Accommodation Club is a great option for businesses looking to provide comfortable and affordable accommodations for their employees. With its personalized experience, cost savings, reliability, and flexibility, it is sure to become a popular choice for business travel. 
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